Feeling Chic

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Today I am feeling very chic in my new jumpsuit from Queen Clothing UK.

I am about 5ft 4in and normally go for clothes that make me look slightly taller. I have always avoided wide leg trousers because I thought it could make me look shorter, bearing in mind I had never tried them on to confirm this.
I have seen wide leg trousers become huge with top models wearing them eg. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and more!
So I finally decided to try them out and was pleasantly surprised on how they looked on.
My favourite feature of this jumpsuit has to be the cowl back. I really like how this still has thick straps and isn't to open because a lot of backless clothing I have is more open with a lot of skin on show, this I find is more subtle.   
The high neck is so pretty on this and gives a very high end chic feel to the rest of the outfit.

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