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This look comes to you from the beautiful Jill Gourlay - her awsome blog I wear my wages Click her picture below to be taken to her page.

Oh I do love me a smart casual outfit in the City. This collaboration is brought to you by LYDC and of course Queen Clothing. This is definitely in the top 5 of my favourite looks I have created this year. So simple, elegant and classy.

The look consists of a black suede shirt, I then grabbed any oversized belt to bring in my waist and create an almost peplum effect. Predictable - I added my leather trousers and some white pointed heels just to get away from the ALL black look. I am mega obsessed with this shirt and Cannot wait to style it up in a few ways! Queen Clothing have been such a pleasure to work with as we have supported each other through the months, they were super kind to include some of my chokers in their latest photoshoot - Much love! 

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