Introducing Our Three Beautiful Ambassadors

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We are so excited to intorduce our first three Queen Clothing Ambassadors! They are going to be letting you know about some fab givaway competitions, social media takeovers and much more so make sure you follow them to keep up to date with everything Queen Clothing! They are all super friendly so if you have any questions for them just give them a shout :-)

First up is the stunning Codie from Leeds, you can follow and keep up with her on Insta @codiee22. Codie showed an interest in our brand before we started our search and this is one of the reasons we chose her to be an Ambassador. She's jetting off on holiday very soon so make sure you follow to keep up with her and her amazing Queen Clothing posts.

Next up its the Beautiful Sophie, you can follow and keep up with her on insta @sophietemple & twitter @sophietemple_x Sophie has just started her own fashion blog 'The Fashion Following' (Link in her bio) make sure you check it out! Sophie is 23 from Doncaster, she likes shopiing haha dislikes rain and her fav quote is 'There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing!'


Last but not least its the baby of the group the super cute Hollie from Coventry. You can keep up with Hollie on Insta @hollieandrewsx  Hollie loves a good night out and her fav quote is 'Lifes too short to wear boring dresses!'

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